After years making art in multiple disciplines and media, conceptual works and  ironic gestures, messing with the lines between art, culture, reality and my "reality", I have rediscovered an old friend, painting. Or, maybe painting found me. Whatever the case, it's taking me to another place, so that's where I'm going.


This work veers between representation and abstraction, fate and fluke, keeping the focus on that space between canvas and brain, where art loves to play.


I like looking at a painting as much as making it, just watching ancillary imagery emerge from quirky, disparate paint shapes is pure pleasure. Humans read and construct meaning from the chaos of line and color so effortlessly. Being a conduit for the process is like freeing ”ghost” images to tickle the brain and then slide into something else, like a shifting bank of clouds.


I begin "figurative", using an iconic painting, a snapshot, or movie, almost anything as a starting point. Then off we go. The further off, the better. Nothing should hamper the flow of the paint or the secondary images that ooze out of it. If the painting gets too tight or precious, I stop, scrape it down and restart. When the process is working, it's akin to automatic writing or shape-shifting. That's why I work in oil paint, and on several canvases at a time, and never really finish. These paintings are intended to be for you what they are for me, protracted entertainments.


–Rea Baldridge

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